Huisheng Wood is renowned for the great and unique products we make of the best designs that are empowering the world in celebratory glory. Enhancing the feeling of the cherishing moments. We supply all our products to many businesses in the world with perfect customization and branding to represent their qualities, while ensuring each and every item is of the best quality through running manual quality checks by every piece. All items are can be produced with OEM where we customize the product as the client desire.Huisheng wood As a leading plantation shutters manufacturer in China, supplies the best plantation shutters throughout the world.

Get to know what it takes and what we do to provide you with the best products at all times with high quality and full customization for your need.
  • 01
    Material Cutting
    Based on drawings,Our workers pick out the right spec of the louvers,stiles,rails,T posts as well as frames,then use our machine to cut the shutter components properly.Our workers will double check if the dimensions are correct.The quality shutters starts from accurate size shutter components.
  • 02
    Hole Drilling & Notch Milling
    This process is very important, which directly affects the use feeling and service life of shutters. But you can rest assured that Huisheng Wood has professional CNC machine tools, and we can make every hole perfect.

  • 03
    As you know,mortise and tenon is a connects of two Piece of wood or other materials.And it’s one of the strongest joint.Yes,our shutters are mortise and tenon joint.This makes our shutters structurally very strong.
  • 04
    First Faux Assembling
    Install all the louver accessories according to the drawing, so as to find the unqualified accessories and replace them.

  • 05
    First  Inspection
    In the process of production,inspection is especially important.Check our video,our worker is inspecting the shutters.According to the drawings,he need to check the dimensions,gaps,layout code and some other specifications.
  • 06
    Sanding-this process is linked to the next process(Painting).Our shutters are sanded and painted multiple times to ensure there is a smooth paint finish.

  • 07
    Finish Painting & Drying
    As you know,even if our sanding workers polish the surface very well,we can’t ensure the paint finish is really smooth without a skilled painter.Our painters have been in this line over 10 years.He already painted thousands of shutters panels in these years!
  • 08
    Hardware Fitting 
    In this process,our workers will fit the hinges on panels and frames as well as the round magnets.

  • 09
    Second Pre-Assembling
    This is the last step before packaging, so quality control is performed in this process. All details are checked at this inspection.(i.e. good finish,gaps between louvers and stiles ,tilt splitting, midrail position,T post position,45 degree miter cuts etc) If there is any quality problem, it is clear and easy to be checked out by our quality inspector.
  • 10
    As you know,there is always the occasion that something might come damaged during transit.So good packaging is really important.No worries, our shutters are protected very well.To prevent our shutters from damages,we use Styrofoam, PE foam, plastic bindings and our shutters are packaged in 200 gram cardboard which is thicker than most cardboard used.

  • Warehousing-HUISHENG WOOD CO.,LTD.

    When our shutters are finished and packaged,they will be stored in our finished goods warehouse.
  • 12
    The shipment will be scheduled before the entire container order is finished.When the shipping date is confirmed, we will arrange loading someday before the shipping date.


Wood Shutter Color Options
Paint Color For Shutters
  • Extra Whtie
  • Pure White
  • White
  • Silk White
  • Snow
  • Egg Shell
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Creamy
  • Ivory
  • Sand
  • Sahara
  • Antique
  • Mushroom

*Please note that colours may vary depending on your screen and only be used as a guide. 

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